Paine School PTG will help facilitate and provide strong leadership in the areas of parent communication, classroom support, and student enrichment.


  1.  Conduct purposeful fundraising to support Paine School students, staff, programs, and events.
  2.  Promote community cohesiveness through PTG sponsored community events.
  3.  Support and encourage the Paine School staff and administration through various staff appreciation activities and classroom volunteer efforts.
  4.  Maintain effective lines of communication within our school.
  5.  Provide opportunities to foster social connections that build a cohesive school environment for all students and families.
  6.  Enrich the education of our students through enjoyable educational experiences.
  7.  Educate the Foster community on what our PTG does and develop a plan to expand participation.

PTG Team:

President: Shayna Hall
Vice President: Laurie Smith
Secretary: Alicia Plouffe
Treasurer: Amy Shea
Communications: Jerrah Siedzik